Soil air probe system


The soil air probe system enables the sampling of soil air contamination. The bore-hole is sealed hermetically against the atmosphere using a packer system. Soil probes can either be used without or in connection with our soil gas pump.


The pump with high hydraulic piston ensures a tight probe volume and enables even the determination of the soil permeability (speed off the downward driving piston caused by its own weight is a measure for the amount of air pressed into the pore space of the soil). Most parts of the system are made of high grade steel and therefore enable the sampling of BTX as well.


The system matches to drilled diameter between 6.5 cm and 10 cm, providing hermetic sealing of the air column against the surrounding bedrock or soil.




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Richard Doerfel

IDEA System GmbH, Am Burgweg 4, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Germany.