IDEA System


IDEA System is a computer based expert system providing solutions for any task in the field of incorporation monitoring and internal dose assessment.


The expert system takes into account all relevant international recommendations and guidelines for incorporation monitoring and internal dosimetry, first of all

  • ICRP publications,

but also other international recommendations, such as 

  • IAEA Safety Reports, 
  • IDEAS Guidelines, 
  • ISO Standards etc.


and also national guidelines, such as the German "Guideline for physical radiation protection control" (RiPhyKo).



IDEA System provides solutions for really any task being covered by the regulations or recommendations mentioned above. Even very complex tasks - such as the assessment of the dose to the offspring due to intakes of the mother - can be handled easily with IDEA System according to the respective ICRP recommendations. 


The Expert System


The Expert System assists the dosimetrist in all phases of incorporation monitoring and internal dose assessment, as illustrated by the examples below:


For more information about the features of the Expert System please see IDEA and IDEAplus


Examples for the application of the expert system can be found in the Tutorial.



 New: ICIDOSE#2  


A new intercomparison, ICIDOSE#2, is scheduled for 2024 and will once again be organized by EURADOS WG7. For details see also Newsletter 1/2024.


ICIDOSE#2 is another good opportunity for testing IDEA System. We want to encourage all colleagues to participate in ICIDOSE#2 and so we offer the full versions of IDEA and IDEAplus for half price each until 30.06.2024.




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Richard Doerfel

IDEA System GmbH, Am Burgweg 4, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Germany.