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TE-03 (3 days)


Introduction into the regulations for internal dosimetry and incorporation monitoring and introduction into the expert system using case studies with typical radionuclides from nuclear technique, nuclear science, and nuclear medicine; discussion of special aspects of internal dosimetry, such as the assessment of the dose to the offspring



First day:

Introduction into internal dosimetry and practical incorporation monitoring using IDEA System


Theoretical basics

Recommendations of ICRP (biokinetic models, monitoring procedures)


Introduction into practical incorporation monitoring

  • Assessment of requirement of incorporation monitoring
  • Optimization of incorporation monitoring


Second day:

Interpretation of incorporation monitoring data using IDEA System


Evaluation of case studies with typical radionuclides, such as

  • HTO
  • Co-60
  • I-131
  • Cs-137
  • Pu-239
  • any other radionuclide of interest for the course participants


Handling of typical nuclide mixtures from various working areas, such as

  • Nuclear technique
  • Nuclear science
  • Nuclear medicine


Third day:

Handling of special problems in internal dosimetry using IDEA System

  • Handling of cases with compounds of radionuclides where the ICRP models do not apply
  • Handling of cases with radionuclides which are not covered by the ICRP recommendations
  • Assessment of the dose to the offspring
  • Discussion of open questions




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Richard Doerfel

IDEA System GmbH, Am Burgweg 4, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Germany.