Routine monitoring


In the case of Dr. Taylor routine monitoring is done by regular analysis of fecal samples with a montoting interval of 180 d. Monitoring has started on 01.01.2000 and so the first routine sample was collected on 01.07.2000. The evaluation of this sample resulted in an Am-241-excretion of 181 mBq/d.


For entering this result into IDEAplus please go via "Data" to "Measuring data" (see the first screen shot to the left).


Next shot: For entering a new value please push the "New" button. Then please select the radionuclide Am-241 via the pull-down menu "Nuclide".


Next shot: For entering the "Type of data" please select "Feces activity excretion rate" from the next pull-down menu.


Next shot: Please enter the measured value 0,181 (Bq/d) into the "Measured value". For entering the "Date of meas" you may overwrite the date given in the window. As the excretion rate is related to the full day, there is no need to enter the time of measurement (this will be automatically set to 12:00 later on).


Next shot: In the case of in vivo counting it might be necessary to enter the exact time of measuring. For doing so please double-click in the "Date of meas." window and select the hour of measurement in the popup window (in the of excretion measurement you should select 12:00).


Next shot: The "Type of monitoring" is preset to "Routine monitoring". You might allocate another type via the pull-down menu but this is not necessary in this case.


Next shot: You might add a "Comment on meas." via the pull-down menu if applicable (the four last comments in the menu would be allocated automatically by IDEAplus according to the result of the evaluation).


Next shot: After pushing the "Confirm" button IDEAplus allocates automatically the "LLD" and the "Uncertainty" of the measurement.




















Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Richard Doerfel

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