Decision on monitoring


IDEAplus may help to decide on the requirement of individual routine monitoring for any staff member. According to national and international regulations, individual routine monitoring is required if the potential annual dose due to unnoticed intakes is more than 1 mSv (or 6 mSv for people working with natural radioactive materials).


For starting the decision procedure please go via "Planning" to "Monitoring requirement" (see first screen shot).


Next shot: The "Monitoring requirement" window shows the potential dose as calculated from the exposure data and the actual monitoring category 0 (no monitoring required).


Next shot: After starting the decision procedure the program asks whether the person is exposed to natural radioactive materials. The answer should be "No".


Next shot: The software concludes that there is a need for routine monitoring and so Dr. Taylor is allocated to the monitoring category 1.


Next shot: After confirmation the monitoring category is adjusted in the "Monitoring requirement" window.


Next shot: The person data are updated accordingly, i. e. hhe new monitoring category is taken over into the respective field (marked in blue). The "Note" field has been completed manually.
















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