For installation of IDEAplus please go via the Explorer to the “Program Files (x86)” in the “Windows (C:)” folder of your PC. There you will find the “IDEA-System” folder of the last installation of IDEA System (see first screenshot to the left).


In the next step please copy the “IDEAplus” application and the “Data” folder from the zip archive into the “IDEA-System” folder (next shot).



Now you may start IDEAplus by double click on the IDEAplus symbol in the IDEA System folder. Depending on the settings of your previous IDEA installation you will see either the main screen (next shot) or the “Database” screen (next shot).



If you would see the main screen, IDEAplus is ready for operation. However, if you would see the “Database” screen, you have to define the database to be used by IDEAplus. This can be done as follows:




Please type the name “IDEAplus” (or any other database name of your choice) into the Database window. Then please click on “New” and a database is created under this name. In the last step please click on “Connect” and the new database will be connected to the program.



After having defined the database it might be necessary to adjust the program language. For doing so, please go via “Settings” to “Presentation” (next shot). You may select “German” or “English” via the pulldown menu in the “Language” window (next shot). Please note that the modifications will be effective only after “Save settings” and restart of the program (next shot). After having done this you should see the main screen of IDEA as shownin the last shot.






Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Richard Doerfel

IDEA System GmbH, Am Burgweg 4, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Germany.