Calculate the inhalation and ingestion dose coefficient for Co-60 (oxide)




With IDEA it is not necessary to calculate the dose coefficients, because all these values are available in the IDEA database. You can display the values when selecting “Dose coefficients” in the “Data” section. Here you can select the radionuclide and the intake parameters, i.e. pathway, absorption type and AMAD or f1 factor, respectively. The screenshot shows, for example, the dose coefficients for inhalation of aerosols with absorption type S and 5 µm AMAD. These dose coefficients refer to workers.




In addition you can display the age specific dose coefficients for members of the public and also the dose coefficients for the offspring due to intakes of the mother according to ICRP Publication 88. The latter dose coeffi-cients depend on the time of intake in relation to the conception. These dose coefficients are not provided by IMBA.











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