Special monitoring


The first measurement of routine monitoring of Dr. Taylor revealed a significant intake of Am-241. The standard evaluation of this measurement resulted in an internal exposure above the limits. Thus, it is suggested to make additional measurements in order to derive more information about the intake conditions.


In this case it was decided to collect urine sample and one additional feces sample and to perform one lung counter measurement two days after the collection of the first fecal sample, i. e. on the 03.07.2000.


The urine sample showed an Am-241-excretion of 10,7 mBq/d. This value is entered in the "Measuring data" window, whith the "Type of monitoring" to be selected as "Value beyond investigation level" (see screenshot to the left).


After confirmation of the urine data entry the software calculates the uncertainty of the value, taking into account the LLD of 1 mBq/d and assuming a calibration error of 10 %, this resulting in an uncertainty of 1,13 mBq/d (next screenshot).


In the same way the result of the second feces sample (123 mBq/d) and the result of the lung counting measurement (17,9 Bq) are entered into the "Measuring data" window (next screenshot).

















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