The ICRP biokinetic models outlined above allow for the calculation of biokinetic functions for the interpretation of incorporation monitoring data, i.e. the time dependence of the activity content of the whole body or an organ under investigation (retention function) or the time dependence of the activity excreted via urine or faeces (excretion function). Typically the biokinetic functions are calculated for a single intake by inhalation, ingestion and injection.  For protracted intakes the biokinetic functions should be integrated (if given as a continuous function) or obtained by superposition (if tabulated at discrete times).


There are a number of publications which give biokinetic functions for radionuclides using the current ICRP Models, including: IAEA [15]; ICRP [43]; Phipps et al [44]; Potter [45]; Ishigure et al [46].




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