On the 12th Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) in Buenos Aires a refresher course was presented by

Prof. Dr. Hans Richard Doerfel (IDEA System).


The refresher course gave an overview over the state of the art of the determination of internal dose. The first part of the course dealt with the measuring techniques for individual incorporation monitoring i.e (i) direct measurement of activity in the whole body or organs, (ii) measurement of activity excreted with urine and faeces, and (iii) measurement of activity in the breathing zone or at the workplace, respectively. In the following part the biokinetic models used for the interpretation of the monitoring data were shortly described with special regard to the new models i.e. (i) the ICRP model for the human alimentary tract and (ii) the NCRP model for the biokinetics of radioactive materials in wounds. The third part of the course dealt with the application of the models for the assessment of committed dose from incorporation monitoring data. This part was based mainly on the IDEAS General Guidelines, taking into account also the improvements of the guidelines provided by some follow-up projects.



Refresher Course
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