The IDEA system database includes the following data 



Person data

all relevant person data including data of the respective Institution

Material data

type of material, type of handling, release potential, dose potential

Measuring data

body/organ activity, activity excreted with urine and feces

Biokinetic functions

all relevant retention and excretion functions for more than 130 radionuclides and dose relevant compounds for inhalation, ingestion and injection

Dose coefficients

all respective effective dose and organ dose coefficients for 24 organs and tissues

Dose coefficients offspring

effective dose coefficients for the offspring as function of time of conception of the mother according to ICRP Publication 88

Nuclide mixtures

typical isotopic compositions at various working places

Lower limits of detection

reference values for standard measuring procedures

Monitoring procedures

reference procedures for reliable detection of any internal exposure above 1 mSv/a



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Richard Doerfel

IDEA System GmbH, Am Burgweg 4, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Germany.